Meeting Hari Budha Magar Uncle

Last week, on May 11 I had the honour of meeting a true hero whose way of living has inspired not only myself but I am sure, many that have met him and those who have heard his story. After an injury in Afghanistan during his time with the British Army as a Gurkha in 2010, Hari uncle (Hari Budha Magar) lost both of his legs. The low that came after the injury pushed Hari uncle to make a shift in the way he was living.

As uncle got back up, chose to rise and take on new challenges, he has discovered a purpose to his life and his story. From skydiving, alpine skiing to taking part in the Endeavor Games and a biathlon in Canada, uncle’s energy cannot be stopped. Whether it’s adventure and outdoors or family and business, his enthusiasm on these pillars of his life radiated immense joy.

Courtesy of Love Your Garden (ITV)

PHOTO: Uncle’s revamped garden space

PHOTO: Hari Budha Magar

With the mission to climb Mount Everest in 2018, uncle is preparing for a busy year ahead as he plans to climb Mont Blanc and Manaslu. I will be sharing more stories about Hari uncle in the near future.

PS. Hari uncle was featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden TV Show

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