BZ & BHA2’s BABA G Song!

Whilst the intro hook started off on a good tone, a stronger chorus for BABA G would have elevated the song. Unlike many videos where we see, rappers, friends and club scenes, the video for BABA G surprisingly comes across natural and there isn’t that overwhelming cringeworthy display of swagger as often seen in many NepHop videos appearing on the timelines from across the globe.

Observing the Nepali Hip Hop music being made outside of Nepal is always a fascinating scene. Whilst we have the likes of Swami D and PSPN from USA, equally there are rappers such as BZ AND BHA2 who have a more rough and real approach to be frank, from USA as well… and then across the pond in the UK, the hip hop music coming from young Nepalese is on a whole different shift, bringing different cultural influences.

It’s an interesting time and more interesting to see the global influences that are constantly shaping and reshaping the idea of Nepali Hip Hop music.

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Lex Limbu
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