Nepali Metal Band UNDERSIDE Performing In London!

Nepali metal band UNDERSIDE are having a summer we can only dream of. The band just finished performing in Barcelona, Spain over the past weekend and now they will be co-headlining Rock Altitude Festival in Switzerland on August 11. After their date in the highlands, UNDERSIDE will be making their way to London for a special gig which will also see the release of their album SATAN IN YOUR STEREO! The gig at Boston Music Room will take place on Saturday, 19th of August. The band will be supported by Enigmatik! Tickets are officially on sale on the venue site for £15. BUY NOW!

Well! Ahead of their big date with London, I managed to ask a few questions to the UNDERSIDE Guys to get an idea behind their writing process and their relation with London. Fans in Nepal can catch Underside at the Asian Metal Fest at the Purple Haze in Kathmandu in mid September.

LEX: Firstly, Underside will be back in London again but this time it’ll also mark the release of your album Satan In Your Stereo. For a band that has a strong following in Nepal to many countries beyond, why London of all the places?

UNDERSIDE: London has been really kind to us so far… We love performing here and it feels very homely and we wanted to do something special for our friends, family and fans here, also we have a lot of people outside of the Nepali community keeping an eye out for the band so we think it’s a good move for the band. We will have a Nepali release shortly after the tour as well, we can’t forget our people back home.

LEX: Earlier this year, the band released a song called Right To Hate. The lyrics are powerful to say the least and provokes attention possibly towards the system and the self too, with lines such as ‘we need to fight back’, what was going through the process of writing when it came to writing ‘Right to Hate’?

UNDERSIDE: The thought process lyrically was definitely very intense during this song… it deals with internal struggle and external as well, the fight is against ourselves and the system too but as who we are and musically, this song is a high tempo angry little monster. It’s definitely the most aggressive track on this album, can’t wait to play it in London.

LEX: On a general note, the album ahead, what are the things that have been discussed lyrically?

UNDERSIDE: Avishek here, I write the lyrics and they all come from a very personal level but always come out bearing the socio-poilitical factors cause we are a part of this society at the end of the day, other then that I wrote for this album during a very dark and troubled time of my life… coming out of treatment and everything. It’s on a very personal level but I hope people can relate to it in many ways. With this album I think I’ve found closure in a way and now I can move forward and experiment more in terms of writing.

LEX: With less than few weeks till the release of Satan in your stereo, what will the Underside get up to from now till then?

UNDERSIDE: We’ve just done a couple of dates in Europe, from Vienna to Barcelona and we have more dates in Europe as part of the European invasion tour. Gradually we will be releasing more tracks from the album from this week and we’ll be doing some press, promoting the album inviting the people and media and all that regular stuff. But yeah we’re definitely very excited for the release and performing in London.

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