WATCH: Aayush Rimal’s Carpool With Priyanka Karki

When Aayush Rimal asked Priyanka Karki what type of Karki she is, I actually thought he was trolling her and asking what type of ‘Car Key’ she has. I was expecting to hear “Toyota Car Key”! LOL! Amusingly, that was a proper question. However, the Carpool With Priyanka Karki by YouTuber Aayush Rimal is anything but serious. Priyanka cleverly continues the joke about loving USA and America for different reasons and also gets quizzed about the type of mango she likes! If you keep up with the countless meme and troll pages then you’ll know where these jokes are coming from.

Of course, Priyanka seems to be in on the joke as she reveals her favourite troll pages with the YouTuber. Priyanka and Aayush are the perfect pair for the troll and meme pages, they’re both heavily covered by everyone and bring huge engagement whether you’re a fan or not. The interview takes a twist as the duo prank call comedian Sandeep Chettri and Facetime Aayushman DS Joshi.

Enjoy the video folks!

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