TARAANGA – Short Nepali Ethno Film On Music And People

A team undertook a journey across different regions of Eastern Nepal, from Pachthar to Solukhumbu; documenting the unique sound, dance and the vivid costumes and jewellery and they returned with TARAANGA. In the directors very own words, Leena writes “The movie explores the diverse yet disappearing ethnic music of East Nepal through meaningful storytelling that intertwines with people’s identity”. TARAANGA travels from Terai, Pahad and close to the Himal to capture some beautiful visuals and sound.

Although the viewing requires much patience, the film is a microcosm to the diversity that Nepal has. The team have done an excellent job. I only wish this is viewed by more and shared by more.

Director Of Photography: Ujjwal Gurung, Soni Limbu and Kireet Rajbhandari
Production Manager: Pratistha Maharjan
Photographer: Saif Tuladhar
Sound Designer: Elin Thapa
Edit: Victor Lascar Bahneanu
Audio: Kireet Rajbhandari

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