MERO MAN MA Video Gives Major Bollywood Feels

With Anju Basnet and Leo Tank Dhamala as the models, the music video for Mero Man Ma is a reminder of the 90’s Bollywood videos featuring a European mustard field and historic castles in plenty. The video by Kushal Shrestha features sweeping aerial shots with the models in focus as they caress and lovingly gaze into the eyes of one another. The song by Sapan Kumar Rai and Sharmila Bardewa, both based in the UK also feature a few seconds of questionable choreography which I believe even had the model Anju thinking “what on earth is going on”. Amusing folks. Jokes aside.

Here’s a random fact for you! The hunk of a model, Leo Tank Dhamala is seen baring his abs THREE times across the music video. Whilst I realise that it must’ve been the decision of the stylist to have him wear the unbuttoned shirts, I would’ve just asked him to take his top off… now that would easily save the cost of three separate shirts right there! Lolz.

The song, at its melodious best features the voice of the wonderful and well known Sharmila Bardewa alongside Sapan Kumar Rai, a man who is literally known for his events, community involvement as well as being the person behind the widely popular UK Dance Off competition.

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