Anoop Bikram Shahi Saruk Tamrakar And Manish S Shrestha Fight For Malina Joshi in RANI!

The brand new trailer of the film RANI sees three of Nepal’s most eligible hunks Anoop Bikram Shahi, Saruk Tamrakar and Manish Sundar Shrestha fight for Malina Joshi’s love. The film follows the tried and tested route of a love triangle with Malina in the middle of the love interest from the three men. The movie which has been directed by Dayaram Dahal has YouTuber VJMUSIC (Vijay Ghimire) and Nikhita Thapa working on the music. The music video from the film BHANA BHANA is pretty sweet. I definitely think music is something to look forward to from the film.

The duo, Anoop and Malina are seen everyday across the various DishHome TV ads looking joyful and radiant which is in contrast to the trailer of RANI where Shahi’s role looks quite negative especially towards Malina and her two pursuits Saruk and Manish.

Rani will screen in cinemas across Nepal on October 19th. Let’s hope the film is more exciting than the trailer.



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