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Better known as SUVENTEEN on Instagram, this THITO ALERT features twenty-year old Sugam Singh who is slowly being recognised for his well curated Instagram feed, style and his beautiful face. Aptly titled ‘Photography Enthusiast’, his Instagram has over 2500 followers and he has also recently signed with Stellar Inc. modelling agency. Singh, who is currently nearing the end of his gap year will soon be starting college.


LEX: You have a really immaculate Instagram feed, what does it take for you to create and manage that?

SUGAM: I try to find unique angles. I always want to do something which no one has done. I try my best to make my pictures standout. So for me, it’s the urge to do something different and my passion towards photography.

LEX: Social media is often known to create pressure on young people and users on a daily basis. How do you view your relationship with platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat?

SUGAM: I feel it’s not the case with me. Social media is a nice platform for sharing your work. I have got very nice responses from my followers. They say I inspire them to be creative and that encourages me to do even better. So, I can say that I have a very healthy relationship with such platforms.

LEX: What are some of the best moments you have from using Instagram?

SUGAM: Well the first thing is, I get to interact with so many like-minded people via Instagram and they all are very supportive. I even got to be a part of a small community of bloggers, vloggers, photographers and instagrammers in Nepal. I have been able to reach a very large audience with that help. It has also opened a lot of doors of opportunities for me. I landed my first modelling assignment from Instagram. These days a lot of brands are approaching me to promote their products.

LEX: How important are looks for you when it comes to finding a partner?

SUGAM: What I believe, is that when you fall in love with someone, face is one factor but there are so many other factors too. It is not absolutely necessary for a person to be good-looking to fall in love. Me, personally I get impressed by the personality rather than looks.

Finally, please complete the sentence:
  • I am most comfortable in: t-shirt and shorts
  • When I’m sad I: do calligraphy (it soothes me)
  • With friends, you can find me: in Patan or Jhamsikhel
  • Editing photos take me: 15-20 minutes
  • The last Nepali film I watched was: Chhakka Panja
  • I beat the Kathmandu heat by: drinking iced tea
  • Lexlimbu is: a good human being

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