Varsha Thapa Talks Hard Reality On LIMITLESS GRIT Podcast

I’ve been listening to the LIMITLESS GRIT podcast on and off for a while now. The podcast by Shristi Gajurel from New York is an eclectic mix of change-agents, inspirational figures, doers and thinkers as they share their story, talk through their success and failure. International model Varsha Thapa talks through her journey and how giving up was never an option with Shristi on Episode 25 of Limitless Grit. The hour-long chat sees the two discuss and share key moments of their lives. Both of them speak with such sincerity.

Shristi writes “In January 2017, I created a list of people that I found through my research and felt an obligation to share it with the world via podcast! Limitless Grit is a podcast where I have honest conversations with social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, educators, artists and anyone who I believe dares to live their life on their own terms. Every person selected to be interviewed on this podcast has a unique and different perspective in life yet all of them have one thing is common: consciously choose courage over fear. Some of my interviewees have impacted millions of people’s lives while others are just getting started. Throughout this podcast I will ask questions on how their ideas evolved, how they influenced people to join their vision, and even how they were able to receive funding their work”.

I picked Varsha’s episode to share as I know that many of you will be familiar with her as a model but not necessarily with her story. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear from Varsha and how much she endured to become the model that she is today. In addition, I encourage you to go through the list of episodes as Shristi has invited some really interesting people to share their story on the podcast.


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