Priyanka Karki Shines In Siwangi Designs At HAPPY DAYS UK Premiere!

Priyanka Karki looked marvellous in a cream-coloured Siwangi Designs dress as she attended the UK premiere of her film HAPPY DAYS on Sunday. The demure look was topped off with a striking black evening glove. The actress who had only arrived in London in the morning was all smiles as she graced the red carpet at the Princes Hall in Aldershot. The event may have missed actors Dayahang Rai and Sanjay Gupta but actress Deeya Pun, Dhiren Shakya, Pradeep Khadka were in attendance. Deeya Pun features in the song Chepte Chepte Perungo alongside Dayahang Rai in HAPPY DAYS. A stunner who also caught the attention of many was this years UK Dance Off Winner Jassita Gurung. Happy Days also features many Nepalis from the UK including Monika Gurung.

Priyanka’s look is definitely near a ten! Girl is definitely shining with the back to back success of Chakka Panja 2 and Fatteko Jutta. Priyanka returned to Nepal on Monday evening – life of a jetsetter aye! She must be burning through her passport pages.


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