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STEPPING UP – this new section on aims to bring stories and feature individuals who are taking that step up in expanding their learning and sharing their skill with others. Stepping Up aims to shine a light on the everyday individuals and encourage readers along the way.

My first feature on STEPPING UP is Meira Rai from Nepal. Rai’s delightful drawings ooze personality and joy. When she’s not occupied with her drawings, she is a full-time mother and a part-time teacher. Her drawings are familiar, after all we’ve all stuffed ourselves with momo’s and pizza and regretted it later. The Ethnic Nepalese Women Mug which she created happens to have made its way around the world. I was also pleasantly surprised to spot one in our family kitchen. With Meira’s drawings amassing more attention lately, she perfectly fit into this new feature ‘Stepping Up’.

LEX: When did you start drawing and what are some of the inspirations behind your drawing?
MEIRA: In 2012, I and a friend of mine opened a Facebook page, “Ho-Aile” where we started posting our drawings, sketches and doodles. Over the years I developed a style and therefore started my own page “Meiradraws”.
My drawings are basically related to my everyday life, my daughter being my greatest influence because of whom I drew “Mero Pregnancy Diary” series and now drawing “Mero Motherhood Diary” series.
Also, I follow lots of artists and get inspiration from their work, Alicia Souza and Frannerd being my favourite.

LEX: Your drawings look very animated, fun and friendly… very light and positive. Do you think this reflects your personality?
MEIRA: Umm, yes and no. Actually I can be a bit moody sometimes. There are days when I am engulfed with not so positive thoughts. Hence, I tend to draw something, upon seeing which one can be happy, get positive vibes and create a smile on their faces (including myself).😁

LEX: Out of your merchandise, what has been a best seller?
MEIRA: My best selling merchandise is undoubtedly the “Nepalese ethnic women” coffee mugs.


LEX: What is your favourite drawing and why? 
MEIRA: This is a very difficult question to answer. But if I must choose one, I’ll have to say the “Ghumna-Jumna” print. Here, I have tried to incorporate Nepali essence with something fun and joyous . This drawing is by far the most detailed drawing of mine and it took me quite a number of days to complete it.

LEX: Do you have any further plans with your drawing in the near future?
MEIRA: I do have some plans, I don’t want to make an excuse but being a mother of a toddler and mainly being out of valley (I’m living in Birgunj) have in some ways affected my plans to come into execution.
I’d like to make more Nepali related drawings, produce more tote bags and tees. Also, I’d like to work on greeting cards and notebooks if possible.

LEX: How can people get in touch with you if they want to buy products or share ideas or request orders?
MEIRA: People can get in touch with me through my Facebook page;
Or email me ;

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