Marina Vaptzarova’s Haute-Couture Journals From Nepal

For those who love to keep a journal entry, write their thoughts down and value the relation of pen and paper, Marina Vaptzarova sustainable haute-couture journals make the ideal purchase. The journals by Marina Shrestha do not come cheap. The luxury products range from a price tag of UK £76 to £150+. The hand-made journals come with their own unique story and use sustainable materials from Daphne paper, Daphley (vegetal leather), Allo and Hemp and Brass and Silver. Up to a dozen pairs of dedicated hands can be involved in the making of a Marina Vaptzarova design journal.

The company which has recently received the Butterfly mark, powered by PositiveLuxury, in recognition of its commitment to social and environmental sustainability, is hosting a one-week exhibition BEYOND JOURNALS featuring the creative world of Marina Vaptzarova where the art of books becomes an art of living at the Baber Mahal Revisited from Nov 26 to Dec 2.

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