Lumbini Amusement And Water Park in Rupandehi District

People living in Butwal will soon be able to cool off during the blistering heat at the LUMBINI AMUSEMENT AND WATER PARK. The plan is for the amusement and water park to be built in Tilottama municipality. Once the park is complete, it will undoubtedly go on to attract many people living in Butwal and may even bring visitors from nearby India. The Lumbini Amusement and Water Park will also include a hotel and will handle a capacity of 1100 guests at a time. The news report on TourismMail does not state the completion date for the project.

Amusingly, when I was googling Lumbini Amusement and Water Park, I stumbled upon an attraction by the name of Lumbini Gardens in Bangalore (India) which is a boating and a leisure park. Hopefully once the Lumbini amusement and water park in Nepal opens up, they’ll be able to get their website on the top ranks of Google and attract many people who are in the quest to cool down. I also think it’d be a nice thing on the ‘To Do List’ of tourists visiting the monasteries in Lumbini.

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