Hong Kong Nepali Youths Make A Short Film On Child Sexual Abuse

Out of the many content being uploaded on the internet daily, the chances of coming across videos from Nepali creators on real issues is still very slim. Stumbling upon a short film on child sexual abuse, cleverly titled “You Too?” by a group of Nepalis from Hong Kong came as a pleasant surprise. Of course, as I clicked play I worried about how the issue would be shown, the language they would use and the all-important acting. Acknowledging the recent surge of people sharing their story, from celebrities to the everyday people, the #MeToo movement has captured the emotions of people globally. In the video ‘You Too?’ translated as ‘Timi Pani?’ in Nepali, three friends have a conversation about a video that sparks a conversation, a revelation and a dark flashback.

The team who have excelled in their story telling cleverly raises attention on both sexes as well as tackling societal thoughts about sexual abuse. From the girl believing it was her fault to the mother instantly dismissing such events, YOU TOO? makes for a watch that ought to be seen by more adults and young people in our own community.

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