Binod Shahi On 2018 Global Teacher Prize TOP 50!

Known as the Sir of the Himalayas and founder of Snow Yak Foundation, Binod Shahi is among the TOP 50 finalists for the 2018 Global Teacher Prize. Binod who’s home is in Kathmandu spends half of the year teaching in the villages of Upper Dolpa, a region heavily disconnected from basic facilities, education and technology. Binod Sir’s work has gone onto inspire many young teachers and he has also taken volunteers with him to several villages in Upper Dolpa from Saldang to Nisal Gaun.

The TOP 50 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize comprises of active educators from around the world with one deserving teacher being awarded the US $1 Million prize money. The winner for the Global Teacher Prize Award will be announced in mid-February 2018 and will be chosen by a prominent Global Teacher Prize Academy made up of head-teachers, educational experts, commentators, journalists, public officials, tech entrepreneurs, company directors and scientists from around the world.

Click here to read Binod Shahi’s profile on Global Teacher Prize Finalist page! All the best Binod Ji!

Read about Binod’s journey in Nepali!

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