WATCH: How Nepalis Live In Japan

Ever wanted to peek into the lives of Nepalese people in JAPAN? Well VICE JAPAN has done that for us in the latest video ‘LITTLE NEPAL IN TOKYO‘. Whilst the video is missing English subtitles, you will still get an idea of the video and visually see the lives, professional and personal spaces of Nepali families who have now made Japan their home. Largely filmed in Asagaya, the VICE documentary also highlights the work of Everest International School where Nepalese students learn Nepali amongst other subjects.

With the Nepali population believed to be over 67,000 in 2016, figures of Nepalis in Japan have been increasing in the past with many in the country as students and for employment. Unfortunately, the Nepali diaspora in Japan has also noted the increasing number of suicide cases by Nepalis rising in the recent years with observers citing low-income, long working hours to separation from loved ones possibly being some reasons for peoples spiralling depression.

A Nepali entrepreneur has written his observation of the Nepali community in Japan and has laid down some recommendation in an article written for The Kathmandu Post on March, 2017. If you want to read, click here.

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