Featuring one of the most loved actors Madan Krishna Shrestha, LIVING WITH PARKINSON’S DISEASE, a documentary profiling four individuals with the disease was screened at the Nepal Tourism Board on 28th December. With the general public knowing very little about parkinson’s disease, the documentary was created to spread awareness about the disease and also show how different people cope with the condition and continue to live their day to day life.

One half of the MAHA Jodi, Madan Krishna shows no signs of stopping as he mentions travelling to USA and Europe for work even after the disease. Sharing the same determination are Banita Khanal, Tilak Bahadur Sapkota and Hari Kafle who share their equally inspiring stories. The four profiled individuals excel in explaining how parkinson’s disease affects them but most importantly, their will to carry on and continue is admirable for any viewer.

“Parkinson’s disease is a second common neuro degenerative disease in Nepal. Though Parkinson’s disease was considered to be an old age disease in past, more and more young patients are being diagnosed these days.”


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