WATCH : The Beautiful KATHAA With Saugat Malla And Usha Rajak

The Saugat Malla and Usha Rajak starrer KATHAA was released on YouTube on the 1st January of 2018. The beautiful love story set in Sikkim was released in 2013 in Sikkim and Kathmandu after its premiere at the Mumbai International Film Festival in October 2012. Kathaa by director Prashant Rasaily is a tale of love and friendship. Having watched the film last night, I was in awe of the stunning locations that the film is set in and most importantly, the story and the acting by not only the two leads but the entire ecosystem of actors featured in the two hour long film. Unfortunately, the pace lets Kathaa down. At parts, the film requires patience in abundance. Minus that, Kathaa is a beautiful story.

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