Anmol KC And Aditi Budhathoki In UKALIMA Remake In KRI Film

Mustang may soon be replaced by Scotland. Anmol KC’s latest film KRI also features Scotland in the video for Jani Najani Maya! Leaving Scotland behind, the song and the video that had me hooked was the remake of the classic Ukalima. The Annapurna mountains look glorious, the villages and of course not to forget Anmol KC and Aditi Budhathoki look very cute together in the video for Ukalima from the film KRI. This version of Ukalima has been sung by Almoda Rana Uprety.

The film stars Anmol KC, Aditi Budhathoki and Anoop Bikram Shahi in lead roles. KRI will be screened at the Princes Hall in Aldershot on Sunday February 25th from 5PM onwards in the UK. The tickets for the screening are currently priced at £12 Advance and £15 Door Sales.

PS. I think we need a London screening of KRI.

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