Paulo Coelho’s HIPPIE To Focus On His Journey From Amsterdam To Kathmandu

With The Alchemist often cited by many as their favourite book, many will be delighted to know that writer Paulo Coelho‘s upcoming book HIPPIE follows the journey of Coelho as a hippie travelling from Amsterdam to Kathmandu by bus back in 1970. The Brazilian writer shared the latest update via his social media pages. He added “I wonder if people still care about these times, but I had to follow my inner call”. The journey that the writer took on the “Magic Bus” will be shared in the book when its published in summer this year.

His fictional writings have resonated with millions of readers globally and some of the books I’ve enjoyed from his bibliography include The Fifth Mountain, Eleven Minutes and Aleph. Of course, The Alchemist did make a very adventurous read. I first spotted ‘The Alchemist’ in the film Sano Sansar where Namrata Shrestha is reading the book in Himalayan Java.

Well! Looks like there’s a new read to look forward to – and possibly a glimpse of Kathmandu from the words of Coelho as well.

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