Passe Pictures Releases LATO KOSERO Trailer

After working on the music video of Sunita by Shreya Rai and Bartika Eam Rai, PASSE PICTURES have released the trailer of LATO KOSERO. The feature film by Shirish Gurung looks brilliant from the little that we can see of it. In a true Passe Pictures fashion, the black and white trailer hints of an era long gone. The trailer does not reveal much but leaves you with more questions. My most important question being – when do we get to see more? The film stars Nivan Shilpakar, Sarita Giri and Kenipa Singh.

If you haven’t watched any PASSE PICTURES videos then check out VIZARDED below. Gurung’s work can be quite dark and humorous… at times slow so please do be patient as well. The team are super crafty and skilled for what they do.

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Lex Limbu
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