Shreya Rai And Bartika Eam Rai Bring SUNITA

Shreya Rai‘s latest music offering SUNITA is a heart-warming song featuring Bartika Eam Rai. Written by Shreya and Bartika, the sweet song captures the moments experienced as a young student surrounded with friends in school. The music video by Passe Pictures – Shirish Gurung has a very indie feel with Shreya Rai herself appearing in the video.

Shreya and Bartika definitely compliment one another in this song. It’s such a beautiful soothing track. Makes me feel nostalgic. To the good times.

Music video by Shirish Gurung (Passe Picture)

Written by Shreya & Bartika

Sound engineering by Diwas Gurung

Produced by Shreya Rai & Diwas Gurung

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  1. My new song “Polite” will be out on Friday. I wrote this song with my special friend @kadijakamara.

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