Bartika Eam Rai Announces TARAL Pre-Release US Tour

New York based singer Bartika Eam Rai will be performing songs off her new album TARAL to a select group of people across five concert dates across USA. The musician who released her debut album Bimbaakash in March 2016 has many notable hits including Najeek, Khai and Bimbaakash. Bartika recently received an award at Hits FM Music Awards 2074 for Song of the Year. Her second album TARAL will be released after the completion of the pre-release US tour. Talking to her listeners, Rai wrote “We made these records with a lot of passion, despite exhaustion and despite my perennial self-doubt. I hope these records find a way to get to your memories. “Taral: state of matter, liquid.” From science class in junior high where we were taught: “All living things in the world exist in/as a state of matter.”

Bartika will kick off the TARAL pre-release US tour on 17th March in Boulder – Colorado, 24th March in Dallas – Texas, 31st March in Washington – DC, 7th April in Boston and 5th May in New York City. Tickets can only be purchased online – follow the link HERE to get yours now. Ah, I am so tempted to go to New York to see her live but I think I’ll wait till “Bartika Eam Rai in London” happens. To see her in my home city, sipping on wine and meandering through her words and music would just be heavenly.

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