The month of March is finally here! International Women’s Day on March 8 is only four days away and Martin Chautari in Nepal have unveiled an exciting event list for the month. The very first public discussion took place today focusing on ‘Women Academics In The Social Sciences in Nepal’ with Samriddhi Kharel, Amina Singh, Bandana Gyawali and Kalpana Jha. The month long discussion series focuses on gender discourse, policy and research, as well as women’s rights and representation. Martin Chautari’s Women’s Month event also includes a discussion on “Ke purush mahila-badi huna sakchhan?” (Can men be feminists?) to EcoTourism and Women’s Empowerment in Nepal.

The group encourage participation and constructive dialogue on these topics. What an exciting series of talks. Happy Attending and Spread The Word.

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