WUKA WEAR – Changing The Way Women Experience Periods

Her harrowing experience of chhaupadi during her first menstruation at the age of 12 has ultimately laid the foundation of WUKA Wear. For Rubina Raut, using her mothers old saree as menstrual pads brought along constant worries – would it stay? Would it fall down if she ran? Though such worries may all be in the past, Rubina was determined to make menstruation hassle free and comfortable. Having founded WUKA WEAR, Raut believes that the time of the month for women can also be ultra-hygienic and luxuriously comfortable. The period wear combines a hi-tech absorbent layer with anti-bacterial properties with eco-friendly fabrics that are kind to the environment and comfortable to wear. The product is leak free! It’s machine washable! It’s less waste!

Having been fully funded on KICKSTARTER, the UK designed product will be coming into business as we speak. Rubina is ecstatic to see the response of the period wear and hopeful that WUKA WEAR will bring a change in the way people experience menstruation. An individual WUKA Wear underwear costs £29.99 – many products have already sold out.

Wake Up Kick Ass

Pretty stoked to learn about this period wear from Rubina. I hope the company does well and Rubina is able to take WUKA WEAR to Nepal where this can help and change the experience of millions of Nepali women. 

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