Samriddhi Rai’s Hikes To Mardi Himal On Sammy Adventures Season 2

Guess Who’s Back! *BACK AGAIN*

Sammy’s Back! *NOW WITH FRIENDS*

Alright, moving away from my poor attempt to infuse a bit of Eminem – Samriddhi Rai is back with the season two of SAMMY ADVENTURES! The fearless Samriddhi shared her travel journeys on the first season of Sammy Adventures back in May 2016 where she travelled to Upper Mustang and even went on a skydive of a life time! The first episode of season two follows Samriddhi and friends Samrat and Milan as they hike to Mardi Himal!

The Mardi Himal Base Camp is situated at a height of 4500m and until recently it truly was and I guess still, is a hidden gem! Over the past year the trek has become popular with Nepali and non-Nepalis for it provides stunning views, it’s relatively easy in comparison to other routes and it’s a trek that many can fit into their short itinerary. The route is dotted with simple tea-houses and guest houses along the way as seen on Sammy Adventures! Always stop by, strike up a conversation and support these local businesses.

With Sammy Adventures airing on Kantipur HD, I thought it was fitting to have Samriddhi speak in Nepali for quite a chunk of the program. Whilst this may deter non-Nepali or the ‘young’ Nepali viewers from watching the show on YouTube etc, I believe it’s a good move to showcase the country to people of all ages who may not be so comfortable watching shows in English. Nonetheless, adding subtitles on the YouTube video is always an option.

With tourist movement and arrivals on the increase this year, I am sure Sammy Adventures Season 2 will go onto influence the travel decisions of many out there. 1 Episode down and 11 more to go! You can expect the second episode on Thursday at 9PM!

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