The Signaturee And HAB A Moment Will Present PROJECT X in Kathmandu

They’re known for their massive parties from NEON, December Madness to their Annual Nepalese New Year Party, UK based event company THE SIGNATUREE are gearing up for their next big event in Kathmandu. The Signaturee Crew will be collaborating with HAB A Moment, a media agency focusing on arts and entertainment established in the UK. The PROJECT X – Leap of Faith will take place in Kathmandu’s Club Deja Vu on Friday August 3rd. The event will bring a number of international Nepalese musicians and entertainers together on one stage in Nepal.

PROJECT X hopes to bring to Nepal, the hottest musical acts that have taken social media by storm in the recent few years! Imagine few of your favourite Nepali rappers and singers from outside of Nepal – performing together in Kathmandu. It’s going to be an epic night for the fans and followers.

PROJECT X will announce more soon. Stay in the loop.

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Lex Limbu
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