World Cup And Migrant Workers Story To Be Showcased in MERCENARY

In 2013 when The Guardian shared their report on the hidden story of the Nepali migrant workers in Qatar, it created an uproar online. On the streets it also led to silent protests in several cities including London. Reports from Western news agencies have highlighted how the construction of the upcoming World Cup 2022 games has indirectly facilitated inhumane conditions and forced labour which has led many to dub the treatment of migrant labourers in Qatar as a form of modern day slavery. With this in mind, performance-maker and footballer Ahilan Ratnamohan set out to meet the people behind the construction of the global World Cup dreams.

Ratnamohan’s journey across Qatar, Nepal and Sri Lanka where he met and interviewed many workers will be shown in MERCENARY, a theatre performance that will bring on stage football, dance and the reality of the many behind the World Cup 2022 games. Mercenary will play at the Battersea Arts Centre on Thursday 21 June, Friday 22 June and Saturday 23 June from 7.30PM onwards as part of the LIFT 2018 Festival. Tickets for the event cost £12.50.


Following the world premiere in London, MERCENARY will travel to Brussels on June 29, Kilowatt Festival in Italy on July 21 and Monty Kultuurfaktorij in Belgium on September 28 and 29.

Performing in Mercenary will be Nipat Thollebeek, Aasis Gurung, Rabina Khatun, Imanuel Dado.

PS. Follow the blog of Ahil on documenting Mercenary. He breaks it down by the day, you can read DAY 1 here!

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