Dhiraj And Samragyee’s INTU MINTU LONDONMA Teaser Is Here!

Samragyee RL Shah and Dhiraj Magar shine alongside each other in the first teaser of INTU MINTU LONDONMA. The duo look stunning as they roam the streets and countryside of the UK in the teaser. Intu Mintu Londonma also stars Saruk Tamrakar and Bibek Limbu. The film sees Samragyee play the daughter of the Nepalese ambassador to the UK and Dhiraj as a UK born Nepali.

Having made her name as a choreographer, Renasha Bantawa Rai takes the directors seat with Intu Mintu Londonma. The film is scheduled for a September 21 release in Nepal.

It looks colourful, cheesy and everything you expect from a teeny love story!

PS. If you want to know more about the actors and Intu Mintu Londonma – watch the interview below!

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