GB Brummell’s Here To Make Men More Stylish

Sometimes it’s just too difficult to find decent clothes for men in Kathmandu. With majority of the fashion designers catering for women and wider range available in stores for women – men can find it a challenge when it comes to finding some decent dapper wear for the next formal event. Understanding the needs of the gentleman is GB BRUMMELL. The newly launched brand presents options so that men can look smarter.

GB BRUMMELL already have some fun summer shirt collection up for grabs. Of course – one must never forget the one too many weddings and formal events filling up your calendar – and GB BRUMMELL is here for you. A believer in a fine finish and high quality, the brand aims to provide excellent tailored pants and suits to make you feel comfortable and make you look the best.

With a tagline ‘Be The Gentleman’, GB BRUMMELL is here to bring a style revolution. It’s goodbye to the snap-backs, and the DOPE shirts and Hello to some beautiful prints and tailor-made suits.

PS. There’s new Giveaway Contest which is valid till Monday, July 2nd (12PM). See the image below for more details.

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