PHOTO: Just A Rhino Casually Walking Through Sauraha

Here’s an amazing capture of a rhino walking through the road in the tourist town of Sauraha in Chitwan. The photo by Sagar Giri captures the rhino having a stroll as surprised locals and tourists line up the streets in awe! Of course, Chitwan National Park is home to rhinos, tigers, wild bears and many more animals and there are many instances when the wild animals make their way to Sauraha and nearby communities along the park boundaries.

Sauraha is not only known for its wide-range of accommodation options but for visits from rhinos like this one captured by Sagar. Rhinos have repeatedly been spotted and some have even made Sauraha their home in the past. Sagar Giri is a wildlife photographer in Nepal. You can follow Sagar Giri on Instagram @SagarGiriOfficial

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