Shilpa Maskey Shows Nepal In Different Cultural Dresses

Shilpa Maskey is seen modelling the different cultural dresses of Nepal in this short video by Ramuna Pun. The duo previously worked on the stunning 100 Years of Beauty Nepal video and unsurprisingly that did stir quite a conversation. Every time when I think about showcasing a group in front of large people, whether that’s the Gurungs, the Rais or even the Limbus, it’s a daunting task. When one slips up – and makes an unintentional mistake – people can be very unforgiving. Nonetheless, through my general observation of this video I think they’ve done a nice job.

There really are so many different groups in Nepal, trying to showcase everyone would be never ending and of course, it would also entail a lot of research. They make a great team! Definitely think Ramuna and Shilpa duo should continue.

Shilpa Maskey will soon make her Nepali cinema debut. The soon to be actress will be seen in Kaagajpatra and The BreakUp.

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