From courses on wooden crafts, stone masonry and stone layer masonry, the National Vocational Academy (NVA) has been running these courses to produce skilled workers in the country who could possibly meet the demands of earthquake reconstruction work. With the construction of traditional houses in need of such skills, the NVA has extended its academic building in Kamalbinayak in Bhaktapur. The new building built by Rabindra Puri Foundation, a well known name in the conservation of heritage building and Newa architecture, has the capacity to train up to 200 people.

The building was inaugurated in April this year and contains four workshops, eight classrooms, an office, meeting room and a conference hall. Rabindra Puri has donated one ropani of land towards the academy with a further Nrs 50 Million donated by Schülerhilfe für Nepal. The Bhaktapur extension of NVA aims to start courses from August on electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry and woodcarving.

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