Women To Join The Gurkhas Soon!

Once again, news has surfaced that the Gurkhas will recruit women very soon! The headlines on several newspaper today informs that the British Army will welcome women to join the Gurkhas from 2020. With the Ministry of Defence in a mission to increase the 3,000 strong Brigade of Gurkhas by a further 800 troops, it’s highly likely that the intake of Gurkhas in 2019 will also increase from the current 250 recruits.

The hopeful women will still have to go through the rigorous process that includes the Doko Race! That’s a doko race with approximately 25kg weight.

This news is bound to bring much joy to the thousands of hopefuls who dream of being a Gurkha soldier. Unsurprisingly, the topic of Gurkha recruitment continues to divide some people. For some – this is simply a path to a better life, income and security for themselves and their family.

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