NEPATHYA Performs At Tokyo Dome City Hall

Tokyo Dome City Hall came to life as thousands sang Chekyo Chekyo and Resham in unison alongside NEPATHYA on Saturday, July 7! Currently celebrating their 25th Anniversary, the band commenced the gig in the Japanese city with the video ‘Naramro Sapana’ showcasing clips of the Nepal 2015 earthquake.

The lead vocalist Amrit Gurung took time to speak about unity of people that’s much required and also addressed the current situation of the flooding that has affected parts of Japan. Gurung who has has travelled across Nepal urged people to support Dr Govinda KC’s mission. The thousands in attendance consisted of music lovers of all ages including non-Nepalis and the Nepalese Ambassador to Japan.

PHOTO: Anish Adhikari

Nepathya will perform in London’s o2 Academy in Brixton on 1st of September. The 25th anniversary gig will be hosted by Sahana Bajracharya.

Get Tickets Now! Tickets for the exclusive gig is on sale on ticketmaster website or contact the number below:

Gere Gurung: 07875420927
Dipesh Rai (The Signaturee): 07411189665
Bijay Gurung (LG Association UK): 07498988141
Famous Door, Aldershot

Maya Pub, Harrow
Club KTM, Harrow
Chautari, Plumstead
Danfe, Plumstead
Rajen Ale, Plusmtead: 07770665006
Nashib Rai (The Signaturee): 07853058371
Santosh Sangbo (Housnlow/ Feltham): 07828414004

India House, Ashford
Prince of Wales, Ashford
Yeti Restaurant, Maidstone
Gurkha Hill, Folkestone
Sumit Gurung, Folkestone: 07780470005

Saugat Gurung: 078666585548

Bishnu Gurung: 07734438488
Sanjay Gurung: 07476479967

Chyause Done: 07450255716

Leaving you with a Nepathya classic – here’s RESHAM!

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