Thai Airline LION AIR Ready To Say Sawadeekha Kathmandu

It looks like Thailand will continue to be the hot destination for Nepali travellers! The Thai low cost carrier LION AIR will fly to Kathmandu from the 1st of August. The airline currently has return prices at THAI BAHT 8700 (which should roughly convert to Nrs 28,000). The airlines current fleet consists of Boeing 737 in three variations and three Airbus A330-300. Lion Air’s Boeing 737-800 will connect Kathmandu to Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport.

Looks like we’ll continue to see the flood of social media photos of people frolicking in the beaches of Thailand and soaking up the night life. Well Hey! If this helps Nepal’s tourism and economy too then great great! We can only hope for more tourists from the Land of Smiles – Thailand.

Of course, if budget airlines are so not your scene then there’s Thai Airways and Nepal Airlines too! When is Himalayan Airlines going to fly to Bangkok?

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