Summer is always a very difficult time to be in the UK! The events come in many – from attending family and community events to festivals and concerts, it’s that time of the year #priorities simply go out of the window. Another event to add on the list is the AUGUST JAM at CLUB KTM. The event will have the charming Swoopna Suman all the way from Nepal. That’s not it! Joining Swoopna will be Sujeena Shrestha and Avishek KC from The Underside band.

Having started off as a YouTuber, Swoopna Suman has become a familiar name not only on the virtual world but also offline. His fans go crazy for him and he has already performed in many concerts in Nepal and outside. Suman will be performing for the very first time in the UK at the AUGUST JAM on Friday, August 24th. Singer Suzeena Shrestha who has previously sang with Swoopna Suman has similar journey to Suman with how they broke out on social media through YouTube! Shrestha’s amassed quite a following over the years with her incredible voice and some amazing covers that she has put out online.

Avishek KC from The Underside, a well known rock-metal band will also be performing as a solo act at August Jam bringing a amalgamation of music genre from pop, alternative to rock/metal! The opening band for the event will be the in-house Sur Na Taal and closing with an after party with DJ KHATRA and DJ S KAZI!

Early bird tickets cost £15 with standard tickets now £20! You can get tickets here!

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