ZUBEDA KHATUN: The Inspiring Tale Of A Women Who Chased Education

A person who is determined to achieve something is simply unstoppable. Their drive and their persistent quality will make them known and along the way, people will join in their support. This echoes the story of Zubeda Khatun, a mother, a wife – a family woman who was never encouraged to study as a child but she found her path once again and chased education. After the start of marital life and being a mother, Zubeda decided that she still wanted to study. The eighth episode of HERNE KATHA is a remarkable one that will surely inspire many to follow their passion.

Seeing Zubeda’s mother-in-law and husband speak was the icing on the cake. For her husband, to support her along the way regardless of the murmurs from those in society is what many more of us need to do. I am hopeful that there are thousands of people across Nepal who have similar stories to Zubeda and I hope they continue. Be unstoppable.

Of course, I really enjoyed seeing so much passion in the introduction part of her husband. He’s definitely a compassionate man… though he may not have been able to pursue his dream, he’s definitely facilitating his family to pursue theirs. Now that’s love.

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