One Step Closer To Tiger Palace Resort Jhapa

Silver Heritage Group Ltd., the company behind the luxury property Tiger Palace Resort in Bhairahawa has completed the purchase of land in Jhapa in Eastern Nepal for their future property Tiger Palace Resort Jhapa. The company has acquired 74,500 square meters of land for Nrs 361.3 million Nepalese rupee (approx. USD $3.2 Million). The current property in Bhairahawa will be where Party Nepal will host their third edition of THE GRIND pool party! Boasting one of Nepal’s (if not the biggest) biggest swimming pool, the Tiger Palace Resort has already been visited by many notable names including Manisha Koirala.

The future property in Jhapa is expected to be as grand as Tiger Palace Resort Bhairahawa. The company will open a casino in Jhapa to attract tourists from across the border in India. With all these massive construction set to take place in the future, I hope the future property is constructed in a sustainable manner where they focus on energy and waste as well as making most of the human resources in the area.

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