Escape Animation’s TA-TA BYE BYE Is Nearly Here!

I’ve been a supporter of ESCAPE ANIMATION for what seems like a pretty long time! It was only yesterday that I got around to watching their music video for TA-TA BYE BYE sung by Nattu and let’s just say it’s a very adorable video. The music video is part of the upcoming short-film TA-TA BYE BYE which will be available in 2019. The film is currently expected to be 15 minutes long and is based on the novel “ESCAPE – A Tale Of Two Children” written by Escape Animation team.

Nattu’s soft voice is fitting with the music video for Ta-Ta Bye Bye! I cannot wait for the release. I hope you guys spend all the time to make this perfect – with a capital P.

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Lex Limbu
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