Tenzing Doleck’s Soulful JHAREKO YO AANSU

Tenzing Doleck‘s JHAREKO YO AANSU is quite something alright. Before I get on the music video, the song itself feels very haunting. The beats and the flow at which Doleck sings makes the song unique midst the sea of songs produced by Nepali musicians. Tenzing has the wonderful Diwas Gurung who engineered and mastered the song to the perfection that you are listening to today.

The video? Where does one start. I guess I’ll start by mentioning that it’s a creation by Fuzz Factory Productions. Think creative to the point it leaves you with a question mark. Directed by Rajan and Prasiit, the video time-travels to a generation gone by making the best of antique cars, mirrors and those Instagram-worthy vintage telephone. Oh and there may be a twist 😉

Enjoy the video before I ruin it. 

Directed by: Rajan Shrestha and Prasiit Sthapit

Cinematography: Prasiit Sthapit

Editor: Rajan Shrestha

Actors: Tenzing Doleck, Kavita Srinivasan Nisha Joshi, Biswo Basnet, Mishri Thapa and Raywot Shrestha

Assistant Director: Barkha Mukhia

Art Director: Prajwal Bhattarai

Production Manager: Angela Shrestha

Makeup Artist/ Hair: Sukriti Yakthumba / Sahira Kulung Rai Styling: Puran Joshi and Paru Pahari

Light Designer: Dependra Thapaliya

Production: Binish Timilsina Rojan Lama

Visual Fx: Raywot Shrestha

Sound Fx: Himal Thapa

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