Nepali Indie Singer Dewaj Thapa Releases CHINTA

Dewaj Thapa of ULTO PULTO has released his solo album for all to hear! The Indie album dropped on YouTube in September this year just about a month after ULTO PULTO released the song TATTOO on YouTube. The band are known for their song Samjhana Ko Lahara, which I happen to love! Dewaj’s solo album CHINTA features six songs. He has an incredible voice to listen to. The song “Hamro Bau Ko Palama” sounds so good!

I enjoyed Hamro Katha. The chorus is pretty perfect. You kinda want to lose your self in his voice. Think his music would blend seamlessly into a short-film. It’d be very cute, especially Mayako Bhawana.

You can follow him on Instagram @dewajthapa

PS. ULTO PULTO’s Tattoo is below!

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