“I’m a gay man and a proud one” Answers Prabal Gurung At Photo Kathmandu

“Talking about sexuality, sexual orientation, and LGBTQ rights, I’m a gay man and a proud one. Homosexuality is the essence of who I am” answered designer Prabal Gurung when asked by a member of the audience about why Nepali society still could not accommodate the LGBT community easily. Prabal’s answer drew an applause from the listeners at the free Photo Kathmandu event “A Conversation With Prabal Gurung” in the historic Patan Durbar Square on 25th of October. Gurung kept the Q&A candid by taking in lots of questions from the audience and replying candidly about dating, fashion to even giving his views on Miss Nepal. This may have been the first time that the designer spoke publicly about his sexual orientation in a Nepali setting.

Prabal’s sexual orientation has never been a secret. Speaking with ELLE, Prabal shared “Mine is the typical gay-designer story… I was taunted and teased, but I had a pile of sketchbooks and a teacher and family who encouraged me” back in December 2010. He also appeared on Fashion Week Daily websites Eligible Gay Bachelors in Fashion back in 2014. Prabal confirmed that he is in a happy relationship at the talk in Patan.

Yay! Go Prabal!

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