Tihar Discounts At Gurkha Jewellers And Bullion

With Tihar finally here, Gurkha Jewellers and Bullion have announced some attractive discounts to get you spending the money that you received in Dashain. It’s time to treat yourself or buy your sister something very very nice and shiny from Gurkha Jewellers and Bullion. Apparently, everyone’s a winner this Tihar as Gurkha Jewellers and Bullion will give away one silver coin of Laxmi and Ganesh free with every purchase. That’s not where it ends as the company have decided to to offer a 25% discount on the making charge of every item!

Hearing these offers may have you rushing to the nearest Gurkha Jewellers and Bullion store in the UK but don’t forget – they also take in orders online! This festive season, even the deliveries are all free and you can be super pleased to know that items will arrive in special packaging ready to be gifted during Tihar.

Gurkha Jewellers and Bullion have been selling silver and gold jewellery, coins, bars in Aldershot – so head over there if that’s the best way for you to shop for Tihar this year.

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