Rapoholic Returns With Mayalu Ow Mayalu

Rapoholic get’s social media! After his video from a Nepali party in the UK went viral, it’s not surprising that his new music video for MAYALU OW MAYALU begins with his friend and him checking out a ‘mayalu’ on TikTok! With TikTok becoming the latest social media tool to turn individuals into overnight ‘app stars’, Rapoholic’s song Mayalu Ow Mayalu takes this further as he spots the girl from TikTok in the streets of Pokhara.

Filmed across Byanjan and at the Hotel Hulk in Lakeside, the song makes an easy listen with a somewhat catchy chorus. When the rapper is back in Nepal, he often uses his time to perform live at various events or put out new music videos. It’s nice to see him juggling his job with music – which – continues to be his passion.

Keep it going Rapoholic! It’s a pleasure to hear him after many months.

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