Herne Katha’s Belly Blues Episode Tells The Story Of Binod

The recent episode of Herne Katha “Belly Blues” brought the story of Binod. Binod’s life touched many viewers and the comment section is just a small indication of how people responded to his story. The episode is one which may have viewers shedding a tear or two but on a positive note, it is one where you want to celebrate a boy who is breaking the walls in being a support system for his mother, breaking the stigma around his caste, redefining what young people are capable of and at this moment in time – on a path where he is embracing his identity and exploring himself. If we dwell and dig, there will always be so many things to be sad about but with this short film we can see that Binod is at a better place and it’s lovely to see that the people who he works for seems to be accommodating him well and letting him live his life in his own terms.

The part where he ventured to Kathmandu and was recommended by people to join the sex trade was pretty sad to watch. It just made me think about the many others who may have ended up or are ending up in the sex trade through such recommendations… thinking that they have no other alternative. I am glad Binod decided to head back and I hope that he continues his education and excels academically as well as personally with whatever he chooses to do in life.

Huge congratulations to the Herne Katha team for having over 100,000 subscribers and getting the YouTube silver play button! This is a channel that deserves so much more – always in awe of their work.

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