Nattu’s Reveals More Than A Song With Swarga

Nattu’s new song SWARGA is definitely a treat for the fans! The singer wrote “Swarga is a song about finding someone just when you thought you had lost all hope. I wrote this song because I found my reason and I hope you find yours with this”. Uhm! Wow Nattu just revealed that she’s found her reason. Yaaaaas gurl! Own it! I mean, is it your voice? Or your vivacious personality? I definitely need a few tips to find that someone.

By the way, don’t you think that’s one impressive tree in the music video? I would’ve loved to see Nattu with someone in the music video though. That would be super adorable! The video by Anup Sapkota dropped just in time for Valentines Day. What a sweet move by the team behind Swarga.

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