A Family Break At Gokarna Forest Resort

With my recent stay in Kathmandu being very brief, I knew I had to find a destination that was near Kathmandu but provided an escape from the very city. Since Nagarkot was fresh in memory, I had to find somewhere else. That was when Gokarna Forest Resort suddenly came to mind.

From larger than life weddings, golf tournaments and hosting weekend long conferences, the Gokarna Forest Resort is known for many reasons. Since it’s tucked just outside of Kathmandu, I knew that this staycation would provide that family time, meet the needs of my golf-crazy dad as well as providing me some peace and quiet before the big event for which I was in Nepal.



Located inside the Gokarna Protected Forest, the resort is a calm escape from the unorganised chaos that you’ll experience in Kathmandu. The rooms are spacious and light, equipped with all that you expect from a city hotel and even a visit from the curious monkeys if you don’t shut the window. A highlight was the cart-tour along the eighteen-hole golf course at the resort. It reminded me of Richmond Park in London as we slowly whizzed past the deers and monkeys in large numbers.

The Clubhouse Restaurant is the destination if you fancy Thai and Chinese or if you simply want to cool down with a refreshing drink and watch the sunset over the stunning golf-course. Additionally, there’s the comfortable 8848 Bar right next to Durbar Restaurant if you want to keep your social activity right in the premises of the resort.

Harmony Spa

Rest spot for the evening

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing maintenance the indoor swimming pool was out of bounds. Thankfully, the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna was available to use at the Harmony Spa. The two rabbits that stay just behind the resort office were super cute.

Overall, the stay at the Gokarna Forest Resort proved to be a relaxing getaway and one that provided plenty of family time. Whilst there were a flurry of activities from nature walk, horse-riding to yoga that was offered to us – we knew that we wanted to do as little as possible.

Many thanks to the Gokarna team for extending warm hospitality during our stay there.

Spot the deers

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