The Move To Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

Having used an iPhone since 2012, I was very apprehensive about the switch to Samsung. I was one of those people who really stuck with all the different brands but low and behold, at the end I made the jump to Apple in 2012. Now jumping away from Apple took a fair amount of time. I had a work phone that was Samsung but still, I was nervous about switching completely! I received the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in September 2018 but it actually took me two months to get everything ready for the complete switch-over.

The first thing I thought about was the SIZE. The Note 9 felt massive! Immediately, I had worries about how it would fit in my pocket and how quickly I could get it out when I needed it. The rubbery cover does not help. Let me tell you, it is still a struggle sometimes. However, the size also happens to be one of the best things about the phone. Netflix and YouTube is an amazing experience and whenever I am reading articles or trying to copy things from one app to another, I can do it seamlessly with the two-app display!

There seems to be a lot of features that I simply have yet to discover on the Note 9. As someone who reads a lot of articles and news on the go and handles multiple social media profiles, the Note 9 is excellent as I can juggle between the different apps, copy multiple texts – save it to the clipboard and save files in plenty (thanks to the large memory size). Oh and battery? It’s amazing! I really don’t have to worry about charging it through the day.

I have a cool project coming up in a few months time and all the ground work for that was done on my Note 9 with the super-handy S-Pen! Will talk more about that later.

Unfortunately, the biggest downer about the Galaxy Note 9 for me is the video quality that you see on Instagram Stories and Snapchat! For reasons unknown, the video quality deteriorates big time when uploading clips on these socials. I try to record videos from my phone and upload later on Instagram… I feel that slightly helps but it’s not as great as it could be. Android users may be able to relate – if you know a hack around this then please let me know!

If you’re wondering what I use the most – apart from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – it has to be Notes, Calendar and Alarm! It’s amazing and helps me keep things super-organised.

PS. I’ve linked below an ad that I did for Samsung Mobile Nepal and I must say, it is brilliant. It came out in October. I am not saying this just because I am in it but I believe mine is the best Note 9 ad out of all the ads that came out during that period – BECAUSE mine has the stunning Bhaktapur Durbar Square! My favourite site of heritage in Nepal.

Disclosure: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Samsung Galaxy Note 9. #Sponsored #Ads

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