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Having trouble finding the right music streaming app that caters to your Nepali music needs? Look no further than DAAMI MUSIC APP. Like Spotify or Apple Music, Daami Music App is totally authentic and is one click away on iTunes store or Google Play – unleashing thousands of Nepalese songs spanning a range of genre from old classics to current Nepali film hits.

The music app already has a number of regional language songs from Nepal and aims to add more in the coming days. Try out the karaoke, stream live radio and create multiple playlists all on the Daami Music app! If you struggle with finding cool songs then check out what’s trending on the app or download one of the many playlists they have created. When you download the songs, you can enjoy it offline as well.

I like how they have Language as a category and it ranges from Newa, Tharu, Bhojpuri, Limbu, Sherpa and more!

Mukti and Revival show their support for DAAMI MUSIC App!

You can enjoy the app and stream the music for free. However, by subscribing to the plan, you can enjoy advertisement free unlimited streaming, unlimited music download for listening offline and different bitrate for music streaming and downloads.

You can use eSewa, NCELL, NTC, Khalti, Google pay and Apple pay to subscribe to a plan.


ON eSewa

Daami Plus Monthly (30 days) – Nrs 139.30 (30% discount)

Daami Plus Quarterly (91 days) – Nrs 349.30 (30% discount)

Daami Plus Half-Yearly (182 days) – Nrs 699.3 (30% discount)

Daami Plus Yearly (365 days) – Nrs 1399.30 (30% discount)

on Google Pay 

Daami Plus Monthly – £1.79 per month

That’s super affordable to have music on the go – and have it all legal. Yay!

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